Handing Us Over

It’s not the case that I feel unable to do all normal things since the election, but I have experienced confusion in doing normal things that are meaningful to me, including writing. Lidia Yuknavitch said recently “Writing is just a different way to march.” I believe that. And, some writing I can do would be like … More Handing Us Over

Five Days On

There is so much to say, and it’s being said, so mostly I am in listening/reading (and hugging) mode right now. (Also, hiding-in-a-novel mode when I need to. May I recommend Alexander Chee’s Queen of the Night?) But I was at Facing Race this past week. It was exactly where to be. The smarts and … More Five Days On

Quit Assking

A while back I made up a word analogous to “philosophy/φιλοσοφία,” (love of wisdom): “philerotisi/Φιλερώτηση “(love of questions). And: sure. I stand by that word. “Live the questions!” smart spiritual people say, because Rilke said it and because it’s wise. Lately though I’ve noticed that I have so many questions, like just way more I can “live” … More Quit Assking

Life Suckles

A word I’ve been thinking a lot to myself lately is “nourish.” This surprises me, because until the beginning of the month it had been on an internal list I evidently maintain called “words that are beautiful but have ruined by Real Simple (et al).” But then I got back from arting camp and found that in the following swirl of … More Life Suckles

What I Made at Camp

From July 10-24, I was on a piece of land formerly known as the Fort Ord Army base. The base was closed in 1994, and now it is the California State University at Monterey Bay. I was there for a graduate writing course called “Essay Writing: Personal Passions and Public Issues.” And it was indeed a course: … More What I Made at Camp

Being Prassent

Help me not be such an ass; help me also be this ass I am right now, right where I am. This one is SO SHORT. You really won’t even believe it. Are you someone who is generally like “thanks, Sarah, for these too too many things. Now I can’t bear to look at any … More Being Prassent

Dear friends, It’s been a while. This is going to be sad and tell you things about me that you won’t be able to un-know, so if that’s not what you need at this moment, come on back later, or never, as you see fit. (Here’s your chance to go eat a sandwich instead. That … More

(S)laughter is the Best Medicine

Slay: slaughter :: ____: laughter? It’s shit like this that made me love being a teacher of English to multilingual speakers; I felt dispositionally and linguistically well-suited to absorb their incredulity, because really: WTF. This started, as everything does nowadays, because of Beyoncé’s “Formation.” “Slay” as an alternate verb for “perform magnificently” has been around … More (S)laughter is the Best Medicine