What I Made at Camp

From July 10-24, I was on a piece of land formerly known as the Fort Ord Army base. The base was closed in 1994, and now it is the California State University at Monterey Bay. I was there for a graduate writing course called “Essay Writing: Personal Passions and Public Issues.” And it was indeed a course:… More What I Made at Camp

Being Prassent

Help me not be such an ass; help me also be this ass I am right now, right where I am. This one is SO SHORT. You really won’t even believe it. Are you someone who is generally like “thanks, Sarah, for these too too many things. Now I can’t bear to look at any… More Being Prassent

Dear friends, It’s been a while. This is going to be sad and tell you things about me that you won’t be able to un-know, so if that’s not what you need at this moment, come on back later, or never, as you see fit. (Here’s your chance to go eat a sandwich instead. That… More

(S)laughter is the Best Medicine

Slay: slaughter :: ____: laughter? It’s shit like this that made me love being a teacher of English to multilingual speakers; I felt dispositionally and linguistically well-suited to absorb their incredulity, because really: WTF. This started, as everything does nowadays, because of Beyoncé’s “Formation.” “Slay” as an alternate verb for “perform magnificently” has been around… More (S)laughter is the Best Medicine

Genius and Theft

To start: if you haven’t looked into #ReclaimMLK, I urge you to do so. There, (and here, at the Movement for Black Lives action site), you’ll find ways to counter the “Santa-Clausified” narrative (per Cornel West) of King that overlooks or denies his radicalism, his critiques of capitalism, his disappointment with white moderates, and his refusal… More Genius and Theft

Help Me Not Be Such an Ass: Dec 14-Jan 9, 2016

  Anne Lamott offers us “three essential prayers” (lovely I think whether you are a pray-er or not): Help, Thanks, and Wow. She also names a bonus fourth: Help Me Not Be Such an Ass. In my experience, keeping this one set to “heartily invoked” is enough to draw nigh much that is brain-breaking and beautiful. Here’s some… 1.… More Help Me Not Be Such an Ass: Dec 14-Jan 9, 2016

The Balm Dot Com/Salve Us From Ourselves

“Balm” started knocking at my consciousness on Christmas Eve; I was reading in the bathtub. Arlene Goldbard’s “A Culture of Possibility: Art, Artists, and the Future” is a beautiful book about the role of art and culture in public life, and it’s written in two parts: part one is divided into 28 mini-arguments for the public purpose of… More The Balm Dot Com/Salve Us From Ourselves